“ Alea iacta Est “  2007 “Alea iacta est” is a work in which the musician takes us back to “Ancient Times” with symphonic and electronic sounds which surround us with a unique epic atmosphere. Meditazione / meditazione part I         Mythe ou Hèros                                                                 La mia anima                                      Diva, la femme                                  Alea iacta est / dominium                   Temps de paix                                    Bellum                                                                                       Diva in love                                                                                 Alea iacta est                                      Emew keman / meditazione part II      TRACKLISTINGS 02:05 05:31 04:36 05:19 05:43 03:43 04:17 03:09 03:26 04:05 © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by the author. Made with MAGIX
A music video was produced entirely in 3D for the track "Diva, la femme" to promote the album on Youtube - link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTuLKExwkgM More videos by the artist are also available on: charmworldmusic's Channel‏ - YouTube Image from the music video  “ Diva, la femme “  
Charm- :"I'd been wanting for some time to make a record which sounded epic, with a great big sound, so I substituted the synthesizer sounds of the keyboard for symphonic instruments using a sampler.  It's fantastic having all the wind, brass, string and percussion sections available in 5 octaves on the keyboard and me as the director, as well as the support of a choral group. It was really hard work and long hours were spent in the studio." Simple, deep melodies with big rhythmic percussion transport us through ancient times proffering sound landscapes of love, struggle, hope, peace and fantasy.  The record is an intriguing fusion of symphonic and electronic music (although most of the record is symphonic) and the gaps between tracks have been filled with atmospheric and angelic sounds. facebook Buy on