“ Analog “  2009 "Analog" consists of 10 electronic instrumental tracks using analog sounds from synthesizers and drum machines from the 70's and 80's. Analog 1         Analog 2                                                                Analog 3                                      Analog 4                                  Analog 5                   Analog 6                                    Analog 7                                                                                       Analog 8                                                                                 Analog 9                                      Analog 10     TRACKLISTINGS 02:05 05:31 04:36 05:19 05:43 03:43 04:17 03:09 03:26 04:05 © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by the author. Made with MAGIX
The track "Analog 4" was chosen to promote the CD to see the video go to the “video” section More videos of the author in the "videos" section or on charmworldmusic's Channel‏ - YouTube Image from the music video“ Analog 4 “
This is a very unusual record, with very polished, clean sounds; various synthesizers of the era were used, such as the Moog, and the Roland JX3P, along with various drum machines (TR 909/808) which were the delight of young musicians of the times, sparking a musical revolution which later led to "techno".                      Buy on: facebook