Charm was born in (Granada) Spain on 9 July 1973. From a very early age he felt drawn to electronic music.  From 1993 onwards he devoted himself to creating electronic sounds and composed using a recently released work station - the KORG 01W FD. His first works took their inspiration from the New Age genre and electronic music in general. Although his real vocation lay in composing rather than performing, he decided to disseminate his work by playing live. From 1994 to 1997 he formed a techno music duo with a great childhood friend (Fran). They created several tracks, one of which, "No Quiero Empezar a Recordar "(I don't want to start to remember), was number one for two weeks running on a local radio station. Under the name "Departure", this partnership played several gigs at local venues and private parties. In 1998 he went solo and continued his work. He compiled a number of favourite new age tracks for presentation at a concert in Santa Fe, Granada (Spain), which was held that same year. In 2000 he also played at the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture) in Láchar (Granada), Spain. Over the course of 2007 he worked on a project called "Alea iacta est". This consists of a set of electronic instrumental compositions with a symphonic base and ethnic touches (Charm :  - "I'd been wanting for some time to make a record which sounded epic, with a great big sound, so I substituted the  synthesizer sounds of the keyboard for symphonic instruments using a sampler."  - see discography). In 2009 he did a project which he called "Analog", an LP with a vintage or retro air, 10 instrumental tracks using synthesizers and drum machines from the 70's and 80's. In late 2010 the website D'AÀZ showed interest in the music video he made for the track "Diva, la femme", part of the LP "Alea iacta est" and he agreed to give an interview for the website. He is currently embarking on a new project called "Fallen Angels". (- more info in NEWS)   About me Biography © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by the author. Made with MAGIX Charm, en 2007  facebook