Third LP “ Fallen Angels” Following his work in 2009 on the LP "Analog", an analog record with huge "retro" overtones, he has started work on a new project called "Fallen Angels" which, as the name itself indicates, will be a record immersed in good and evil, heaven and hell, angels and devils; orchestrated based on symphonic, rock and electronic sounds, with slight ethnic overtones. Diva-la-femme-le-clip-elect-romantique Exclusive interview given for the website, which expressed an interest in the music video made entirely in 3D inspired by the track "Diva, la femme" on the album "Alea iacta est". You can view this in the video section. The interview is given in French; access it via this link: All news relating to the artist will be posted and updated in this section: New LP “ Analog” The author's new work, "Analog" is available, more information in the Discography section. October 27,  2010 February 1, 2012 October 9, 2008 © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by the author. Made with MAGIX New music video “ Analog” Music video made for track number 4 of the record "Analog" for promotion via You Tube, more information in the Video section.”. July 2, 2009 01 June 2011 The Albums " Alea iacta Est" and “ Analog “  will be available from day 3 and 9 February, 2012 respectively  on itunes, amazon, emusic more information in the Discography section. “ Alea Iacta Est ” & “ Analog “ for sale digital stores facebook